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Flexible Packaging Benefits

Your Total Solutions Specialist

Sonoco flexible packaging will strengthen your brand’s positioning and make packaging an integral part of new product development.

From food safety expertise and FDA compliance assurance to Ei3 process quality monitoring and sustainability scorecards, you benefit when innovation, service and quality take the lead.

Sonoco Flexible Packaging offers:

Allure — Driving sales at the shelf through differentiation to build repeat purchase and brand loyalty

Integrity — Ensuring product protection and freshness

Convenience — Meeting changing consumer demand for ease-of-use and portability

Efficiency — Managing costs and improving operational performance on production lines

Sustainability — Demonstrating environmental stewardship to build brand trust

Innovation — Giving your products an edge in the marketplaceBenefit from our expertise and understanding of markets and retailers, including in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviors and close attention to key factors that impact brand performance, such as:

  • Consumer trends, for example, the ergonomic needs of an aging population
  • Retailer trends such as clean floor aisles and retail-ready packaging
  • Market trends in everything from coffee and beverages to snacks and pet foods
  • Demands for reduced lead times in getting products to market
  • Supply chain security and integrity
  • Sustainable resource use
  • Global graphics management with state-of-the-art, in-house rotogravure cylinder engraving and flexographic plate production technologies 

Retort packaging products include pouches, lidding and membrane closures. Capabilities for high-pressure pasteurization (HPP), high-barrier coex sealants and more are available, as well as these key features:

  • Tear notches and laser scoring for easy opening
  • Microwaveable materials
  • Metal detectable options
  • Foil and non-foil laminates

Ink Technologies

Sonoco offers a wide variety of promotional ink technologies that can be printed on film and paper laminates, maximizing promotional value.

Ramp up your package’s allure with ink jet printing to add letters or numbers on each impression. SONOWIN® technology incorporates integrated game pieces; adding inside printing offers you additional promotional real estate.

Our customers can choose special material features including SONOCOAT® high gloss energy-curable coating, matte finish lacquers and films, holographic films and heat-seal or cold-seal coatings; or give a more sensory experience with specialty ink effects such as soft touch, texture, foam, flip (color-shifting) or MIRRORINK® process metallic effects.

Engage consumers’ senses with integrated stickers, fragrance encapsulation or specialty inks to make packaging glow in the dark and reflect light. We can create thermochromic/photochromic interest, incorporate coin reactive areas and even add tattoos.

Ask us about how the following ink applications can enhance your most critical promotional campaigns.

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