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Material Handling

Easily transport unwieldy parts.

With custom dunnage, totes and inserts, we make it easy to ship and transport awkward parts. With ever-rising fuel costs, our material handling solutions are designed to hold more parts, fit more items on a pallet, and decrease the overall weight of your shipments.

Our transGuard® line is a vast improvement over standard, injection-molded totes.

TransGuard offers advantages like height customization, lower packaging costs, superior part protection, rugged construction for years of use, full recyclability, and maximized truck yield. TransGuard is particularly effective in applications where a lighter weight container allows you to hold more parts and where height customization can greatly decrease shipping costs.

TransGuard Tote Inserts

A “tote” is an injection molded box that is designed to fit a standard sized pallet. TransGuard Tote Inserts are light density parts that go into a standard injection molded tote. Products are often referred to by their size or “pallet modularity” as “one quarter or one sixth” tote. Tote Inserts offer a savings over traditional interior dunnage.

Advantages of transGuard Tote Inserts

    • Allows current tote users to explore a low cost method to make complex tote inserts or dunnage
    • “Fixes” that problem part design
    • Overcomes tote insert sizing into standard totes
    • 100% recyclable

TransGuard Stand Alone Totes

TransGuard Stand Alone Totes replace standard injection molded plastic totes and fabricated inserts with a single unit made from molded foam. TransGuard Stand Alone Totes can to be customized to the exact height of the product which allows us to maximize the number of products in a stack. Like our tote inserts, they allow for complex interior customization.

Advantages of transGuard Stand Alone Totes

    • Height customized which helps maximize the number of products in a stack
    • Molded to fit complex part features
    • TransGuard Stand Alone totes are also returnable and reusable 
    • 100% recyclable

TransGuard Bulk Bin Inserts

A "Bulk Bin" is essentially a plastic box, with an integrated pallet and drop down doors. Because of the large footprint, Bulk Bins are typically used to pack larger items. TransGuard Bulk Bin Inserts go inside traditional structural foam bins. The inserts or trays are typically made out of 3.0 PCF EPP (48g/l) because of the stiffness needed in the large tray.

Advantages of transGuard Bulk Bin Inserts

    • Designed to maximize the yield in a truck
    • Deep parts are possible due to zero degree draft of process
    • 100% recyclable

TransGuard Custom Dunnage

Custom dunnage provides a good solution for large, fragile, complex items that are hard to hold. Applications where height customization can greatly decrease shipping costs are ideal for custom dunnage. Additionally, return ratio in pallet package applications can be 2:1 which reduces return freight costs. Dunnage parts are typically made from 3.0 PCF (48 g/l) EPP. TransGuard offers interlocking dunnage for plastic pallets and metal racks, as well as dunnage designed to go inside bulk bins. TransGuard Custom Dunnage is 100% recyclable.