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Legs to Stand On

When a pallet can be bought from a variety of other suppliers, why consider Sonoco?

Because manufacturers need the right pallet solution for their specific needs and challenges. With a range of options, including corrugated pallets, wood pallets and rugged, returnable plastic pallets, we will design, specify and deliver the correct pallet for your need, whatever the platform.

Our experience in protective packaging and commitment to sustainability led us to investigate cleaner, greener and more effective ways to transport a wide variety of products. Our Firma line of pallets is designed and built to overcome the drawbacks of using conventional pallets for the storage and transportation of goods.

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FirmaLoad® Bulk Bag Pallets

Sonoco offers you an environmentally friendly and ISPM 15-exempt recyclable pallet. New FirmaLoad bulk bag sustainable pallets are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and are designed to make your bulk product stand tall and straight while being stored and shipped. Learn More

FirmaCore® Lightweight Pallets

FirmaCore lightweight sustainable pallets hold up to 1,000 pounds each. Now FirmaCore corrugated pallets are challenging the status quo with a solution that is cleaner, greener and designed to cut the expense of shipping lighter weight loads. Learn More

FirmaMax® Plastic Pallets

With FirmaMax plastic sustainable pallets, you get strong performance in a 100% recycled solution with the highest buy-back value available. They overcome the drawbacks of typical plastic pallets and stand up to abuse like no other pallet on the market. Learn More