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Rigid Paper Containers

Round and shaped rigid paper packaging made with multiple materials offers your company cost advantages, supports sustainability goals and adds shelf appeal and performance benefits.

Relying on cans made exclusively of metal tethers you to the status quo, and subjects you to raw material price fluctuations that greatly impact your ability to be cost competitive. Metal cans also create waste issues, and limit your creativity in package design and graphic appeal.

With Sonoco's innovative rigid paper packaging, your profits are never dependent on one-material pricing. Packaging made from rigid paper for a wide variety of markets reduces package weight, makes more efficient use of raw materials, minimizes environmental footprint and conserves energy. It also offers superior product protection and adds convenience features consumers literally "eat up." With our unsurpassed graphics management capabilities, Sonoco ensures shelf appeal around the world.

Markets Served
Adhesives and Sealants  Household Chemicals
Cereal Inks
Nutritional Supplements
Coffee Paint Colorants
Confectionery and Gum
Pet Foods
Cookies and Crackers
Powdered Infant Formula
Cosmetics Refrigerated Dough
Gift Packages
Snacks and Nuts
Frozen Concentrates Spices and Seasonings
Grease and Automotive
Health and Beauty
Wine and Spirits

Round Rigid Paper Containers

Opens easily, keeps products fresh longer and lowers your environmental impact. Learn More

Shaped Rigid Paper Containers

Making virtually any shape rigid paper container in a wide range of diameters and heights, for food, beverage and nonfood products. Learn More