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Sonoco Australia/New Zealand

Welcome to Sonoco Australia/
New Zealand.

Globally, Sonoco Products Company has served various markets for more than 116 years in more than 85 nations with 330 global plants. Locally, we’ve been serving Australia and New Zealand since 1949 with Industrial Products, Consumer Products and now Graphics Management. 

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Our deep technical expertise coupled with our i6 Innovation Process gives us the tools to uncover new solutions rooted in experience but grown in creativity. We want to work with you to uncover a solution that meets your needs, fits your supply chain and answers your financial and social commitments. Think of us as a solutions company that happens to offer packaging, rather than a packaging company that offers solutions.

Contact us

Phone (Australia): 1300 722 524
Phone (New Zealand): +64 9 836 1651
Or, fill out our online contact form.