Big Issues Demand Big Thinking

Food Waste and Sustainability are critical issues facing businesses, industries and consumers around the world. A big issue like this demands big thinking and different perspectives from a diverse group of people. The 2019 Sustainability and Food Waste Summit provides just that. Join us to hear industry leaders speaking on topics ranging from climate change to packaging innovation.

Did you know UN studies indicate between 20% and 40% of food is wasted globally?

  • In the US, 31% of all food (133 billion lbs) is wasted and making its way to a landfill.
  • Despite astronomical food waste, the UN estimates 870 million people are chronically undernourished globally.
  • One in eight Americans struggle to put food on the table for their family. 
  • Meet our Evening Keynote, Edna Ogwangi, from Rise Against Hunger. Hungry as a child, now she wants to feed Haiti and the world.

Creating a more sustainable world is front and center in our minds.

With disruptive change required, innovation is key for consumers, brands and packaging companies.

  • We must explore new materials like ag-fiber or plant-based packaging - as well as new resin structures and modern recycling infrastructure. 
  • Advances in gasification and pyrolysis, more products that fit the return-to-store model and other advances in processing are also required.
Sustainable Package

Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Paul Hawken

We're pleased to welcome Paul Hawken as our keynote speaker. Paul is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, and activist. His book, Drawdown, outlines the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming. His talk will be structured as a fireside chat where he will present his message and have a discussion with fellow panelist. 

Visit the Drawdown website

Paul Hawken

Packaging can make a difference in food waste.

90% of food waste is simply thrown away too soon. The overall impact of this issue is so great that, in 2015, the EPA called for a 50% reduction in food waste by the year 2030.

  • Recent advancements in technology have led to innovative packaging which can prolong shelf life and divert up to 72,000 tons of food waste out of landfills in the US alone.
  • This is equivalent to a reduction of 329,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

As leaders in the packaging and food production industries, attendees are uniquely positioned to play a critical role in addressing food waste. Join us as we work towards a sustainable solution.

Sonoco's 2019 Sustainability and Food Waste Summit will address contributors to food waste through open and honest discussion targeted towards collectively working together to find a holistic solution. 

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Dustin Wills

A Critical Issue

“The volume and impact of food waste is one of the critical issues of our time. Packaging has a very important role to play in food waste reduction and food safety."

Dustin Wills, Director of the Sonoco FRESH initiative

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Our work on food waste doesn't end after the conference. We've gathered white papers and other resources so you can continue to learn. 

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Dustin Wills to lead Clemson University’s Sonoco FRESH initiative

Dustin Wills brings a wealth of packaging experience to the university and is highly passionate about the reduction of food waste.

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