Special message from Greg Munoz

Supplier Sustainability Awards

Each year, we solicit our key supplier partners to participate and self-nominate for the prestigious Supplier Sustainability Awards. Our team considers and reviews each submission for three sustainability components: social, environmental and economic.

This year, we had a record number of suppliers respond, increasing the competition from prior years! This is evidence of our suppliers’ commitment to continuous sustainability improvement within your enterprise and shows strong alignment with Sonoco and its stakeholders.

We honor three categories:
Environmental Leadership
Community Leadership
Overall Top Sustainable Suppliers

  • Environmental Leadership - Indorama Ventures

    At each site level, Indorama tracks a comprehensive list of metrics related to EHS and sustainability programs on a monthly basis. Not only is this information tracked monthly by each site, but it is then evaluated monthly by both regional and corporate leadership throughout the year. Their level of detail, thoroughness and management visibility is an example of excellence.

  • Environmental Leadership - Republic Services

    Republic Services set a target to reduce Scope 1 and 2 GHG Emissions 35% by 2030. Additionally, their facilities continue to receive composite packaging at their collection centers. These Sonoco composite containers are captured by system magnets and sold as steel. Republic Services has also held meetings with Sonoco’s Recycling division to discuss the viability of 100% fiber-based consumer packaging and lend their expertise.

  • Community Leaders - ABM

    ABM created a matching philanthropy program for all staff and management called ABMCares. Last year, ABM and its employees gave nearly $2 million between ABMCares and other philanthropic programs. ABMCares supports and encourages team members to give back to their local communities and engage in activities that contribute to overall well-being. ABM supports philanthropy and wellness year-round by providing their workforce with the tools and resources needed for success.

  • Community Leaders - CWT

    CWT has been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2012 and is committed to respecting its Ten Principles related to labor conditions, ethics and the environment. CWT embeds responsible business into their products and services. In 2019, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the World Childhood Foundation, which fights against the exploitation of children, CWT organized a global campaign to contribute $1 for each hotel booking made during the month of August. The initiative achieved $100,000 through the support of 651 participating clients. The campaign also included 2.7 million messages to CWT travelers about the work of the World Childhood Foundation.

  • Top Sustainable Suppliers - Mondi

    Mondi created a program called MADD, which stands for Making a Difference Day. MADD is Mondi’s employee engagement initiative that focuses on what people can do personally to improve the collective safety, health, environmental and social performance of those around them. As a global supplier, Mondi also supports diversity initiatives, recently joining an LGBT+ group. They have also been one of the key partners with Sonoco in developing sustainable packaging alternatives.

  • Top Sustainable Suppliers - Broadleaf

    Broadleaf established a sustainability task force dedicated to enhancing their sustainability approach for Sonoco. They recently led a summit for Sonoco’s top suppliers where suppliers collaborated on best practices and facilitated conversations around emerging industry trends. The summit also provided Broadleaf with an opportunity to educate suppliers on best practices for servicing Sonoco, including discussions around sustainability, supplier risk and supplier development.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

We truly appreciate all that you continue to do each day to help Sonoco meet our sustainability goals and commitments.

Environmental Leadership
Indorama Ventures
Republic Services

Community Leaders

Top Sustainable Suppliers

Stay safe and well, and we will look forward to seeing you later this year!