Sonoco has a long and proud history of treating employees with respect and dignity.

Starting in 1899 with the founding of the Southern Novelty Company and continuing to the present day, the hallmark of Sonoco’s culture is characterized by integrity, mutual trust and the confidence we demonstrate with our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

Ethical Business Conduct

This Human Rights Policy Statement reflects the Company's broader commitment to ethical business practices, which is embodied in Sonoco's “Setting the Standard – Policy on Business Conduct.” These guidelines serve as the cornerstone of the Company's business ethics and compliance program and require Sonoco's Board of Directors, officers and employees to conduct business fairly, honestly and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those protecting Human Rights. The Company has appropriate mechanisms in place to internally monitor compliance with these guidelines and facilitate reporting of possible violations.

Protection of the Rights of Workers

Sonoco is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing its employees with a safe, non-discriminatory work environment that promotes open and honest communication and embraces dignity, respect and diversity in all aspects of its business operations. Sonoco further supports the elimination of all forms of forced, bonded or compulsory labor and the freedom of association. We believe that people should work because they want or need to, not because they are forced to do so. We prohibit the use of prison labor, forcibly indentured labor, bonded labor, slavery or servitude.

Protection of the Rights of Children and Young Workers

Sonoco condemns all forms of exploitation of children. The Company does not recruit child labor and supports the elimination of exploitative child labor. Sonoco also supports laws duly enacted to prevent and punish the crime of sexual exploitation of children and will cooperate with law enforcement authorities in these matters. We do encourage the creation of educational, training or apprenticeship programs tied to formal education for young people.

Equality of Opportunity

We recognize, respect and embrace the cultural differences found in the worldwide marketplace. Our workplace is a meritocracy where our goal is to attract, develop, promote and retain the best people from all cultures and segments of the population, based on ability. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind. As a U.S. Federal contractor, Sonoco completes Affirmative Action Plans for its U.S. operations and has diversity hiring goals that are reported to its Board of Directors. We also carefully monitor diversity hiring globally and strive to create a diverse workforce that represents the communities where we operate.


We ensure that compensation meets or exceeds the legal minimums and is competitive with industry standards. Our compensation philosophy is clearly communicated to employees and is in full compliance with all applicable laws.

Relationships with Indigenous People

Within the framework of our values, we respect the cultures, customs and values of the people in communities where we operate and take into account their needs, concerns and aspirations.


This Human Rights Policy Statement is implemented through the Company's business ethics and compliance program, on which all employees are trained, and will remain posted on Sonoco's website at Sonoco’s Global Human Rights statement was implemented and is regularly reviewed by the Employee and Public Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors, while managed by the Vice President – Human Resources.