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Travel Policy 

August 24, 2020

The following communication is from Howard Coker, president and CEO. Please do not respond using the Outlook reply all function.

With the ongoing developments concerning the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus, BUSINESS TRAVEL CONTINUES TO BE RESTRICTED.  Travelers must provide justification and receive written approval from Howard Coker, Rodger Fuller or one of their direct reports.

Under current conditions, LIMITED AIR or RAIL TRAVEL and LIMITED INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL is only authorized on a case by case basis and must be approved by Howard Coker, Rodger Fuller or one of their direct reports.  In certain locations, self-driving trips will be permitted but must still be approved by Howard Coker, Rodger Fuller or one of their direct reports. 

Key Considerations when determining if travel should be undertaken:

  • If travel was avoided, it could impact the health, safety and security of our associates
  • Travel is required to fulfill legal requirements 
  • If travel was avoided, it could result in the loss of a customer or potential customer, or have a significant negative impact on operations and/or the delivery of customer orders
  • Travel is required to prevent a probable interruption of business continuity or customer relationships and where remote mitigation strategies are not effective

 Overnight hotel stays are permitted only in Sonoco preferred establishments.  


 Personal Travel:

Sonoco has not imposed any restrictions on employee’s personal travel.  Employees who choose to engage in personal travel should be prepared to meet any quarantine requirements for the travel destination and/or upon return to the departure location.  Employees are personally responsible for (1) confirming any quarantine times required prior to traveling; (2) advising their supervisor of required quarantine periods to ensure adequate job coverage; and (3) understanding that any government quarantine periods will be either deducted from vacation banks or taken as unpaid time from work, but would not be counted against the local attendance policy for discipline purposes.  Once an employee has returned from vacation, then they are subject to the same Employee Health Screening as before and must be able to pass prior to resuming work.