Great leaders set out to make a difference in the lives of others.

  • Purpose


    Put the needs of others first. Own your role as a leader by creating an amazing experience for every member of your team. Foster an environment of inclusion, trust, forward-thinking, and innovation. Help your team connect their actions to the bigger picture.

  • Empathy


    Listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to respond. Emphasize a positive and friendly atmosphere. Foster an inclusive culture. Care for your employees as individuals and treat them as you expect to be treated. Recognize we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, which shape our perspectives and how we process information and interact with others.

  • Honesty


    Integrity and trust are foundational for an engaging leader. Foster an environment of trust through your words and actions and expect the same of your team. Honesty should be your most valuable and valued trait.

  • Inclusion


    Promote collaboration, build bridges, not boundaries. Involve your team in decision-making. Identify and align talent. Treat the members of your team as individuals, not as employees. As our teams become more diverse in many ways, consider this diversity a strength in a collaborative environment that fosters new ideas and new ways of thinking.

  • Coaching


    Develop your employees, help them realize their potential. Listen and learn the goals of each employee and cater your approach to their unique needs. Positive reinforcement is equally as important as constructive coaching and course-correction.

  • Listening


    Intently listen with curiosity. A true master of conversation is the effective listener. Maintain an open mind and show your genuine care and concern through your ability to hear and understand.

  • Empowerment


    Trust your team. Help employees understand their purpose. Provide the necessary resources to do the job. Create and maintain an environment that allows for innovation. Encourage success and growth. Expect and celebrate continuous improvement.

  • Accessibility


    Embrace and promote an inclusive, open-door culture. Listen attentively. Get to know your employees on a personal level. Embrace employee diversity and development, and be present and available for your team every day.

  • Authenticity


    Express yourself honestly, ask the difficult questions, and take action based on what you hear. Build real, meaningful relationships with the people on your team. Provide feedback and genuine recognition.