October 14 — 17


Chicago , IL

Better for your product. 
Better for your brand.
Better for our world.

Better Packaging.
Better Life.

Making things better for our customers, and for consumers -- that’s really the point of everything we do. From e-commerce packaging and testing capabilities, to more sustainable packaging, to packaging that extends freshness life and reduces food waste, at Sonoco, we’re working hard every day, trying to build something better. And you can see the results of our work at Pack Expo Booth 1509

Visit us to learn more about:

  • How we help brands make a first and lasting impression at the new Moment of Truth in an e-commerce world
  • The fresh ideas we're bringing to fresh food packaging with our newly expanded fresh food packaging portfolio
  • How we help center-store brands remain the center of attention
  • Our menu of foodservice options, from QSR to fast casual to groceraunt