October 19 — 20


Orlando , FL

Sonoco + Peninsula + Clear Lam + Highland: Our Growing Family Is Focused On Helping You Grow Your Business.

Because your products come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures, shouldn’t your packaging offer the same kind of variety? We think so. Our family of produce packaging continues to grow with the recent addition of Highland Packaging to our other members, Peninsula and Clear Lam. Now you can work with one company, Sonoco, and have access to one of the broadest, most innovative packaging portfolios in the industry. It includes: 

  • Flexible, multilayer, stand-up pouches with a range of barrier properties 
  • Easy-open/reclose systems for consumer convenience
  • Rigid plastic trays, tubs and hinged containers for a variety product offerings

To learn more about how our family can help your family, visit us at PMA 2018 Booth 4157 in Orlando.