Reduced Environmental Impact

Compared to other packaging formats, flexible pouches don’t require as much material or energy to produce, generating less CO2 emissions and reducing your overall carbon footprint. And because our EnviroFlex™ pouch is recyclable, there’s less landfill waste.

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Product Safety

Flexibles pouches can include tamper-evident and child-resistant features, giving consumers the peace of mind as they shop. For brands, there's less risk in transporting flexibles pouches, and their oxygen barriers keep the products inside fresher longer.

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Reduced Product and Packaging Waste

Flexibles pouches are a great option for environmentally conscious consumers and brands. Consumers can squeeze every last drop out of flexibles pouches, reducing  product waste. And for brands, pouches also use 60% less plastic than rigid plastic bottles while retaining the same freshness.

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Low Risk Conversion

Premade pouches are a low-risk solution since the vast majority are compatible with the most common filling equipment with little to no modification. Flexibles pouches can help you control your equipment costs.

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Supply Chain Efficiency

Optimize your supply chains with flexibles pouches. They're easy to pack and fill, and they take up less space than rigid packs.

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