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Blister Packaging Made Sustainable

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Our Envirosense® PaperBlister™ packaging is shaking up the industry, winning award after award for its innovative design. 

Our PaperBlister packaging provides a fully recyclable, plastic-free alternative to traditional blister packaging that allows for:

  • Improved seal quality
  • Improved operational efficiency—less handling of materials and faster seal times
  • Reduced freight cost
  • Can run on existing ALLOYD® heat sealing equipment

PaperBlister packaging has been embraced by manufacturers not just for its sustainability, but also because it stands out on crowded store shelves. More space on the packaging means more space to get creative with branding and design

It's always an honor to be recognized for our commitment to designing for sustainability. Alloyd is helping customers and consumers alike meet their sustainability goals with our curbside-recyclable PaperBlister packages.

Logos for Awards won by PaperBlister PackagingAwards

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

Award: Design for Recycling Award - EnviroSense™ PaperBlister™ package

“The Design for Recycling Award® is ISRI’s highest honor and recognizes those who put recycling and sustainability at the forefront of their product design. We’re happy to honor Sonoco’s Envirosense® PaperBlister™ as an exciting innovation that is plastic-free, so it is recyclable in the paper stream. It uses water-based printing and sealing technology. Sonoco truly exemplifies innovation in an elite class of more than a decade of DFR award winners.”
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American Forest & Paper Association

Award: 2021 Innovation in Sustainability Award - Envirosense® PaperBlister™ package

“The all-paper packaging offers a more sustainable option that is highly efficient in the delivery stream, allowing more packages per truckload and reduced shipping costs.” 
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Sustainable Packaging Coalition 

Award: 2021 SPC Innovator Award in the category of ‘Innovation in Design Optimization’ for the Envirosense® PaperBlister™ Package 

"The PaperBlister™ completely eliminates the need for mixed material designs which can be recyclability-challenged, as plastic packaging usually has fiber residue when separated from the paper card, making it less desirable for recyclers."
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