Packaging is a powerful tool to persuade purchase. Think long and hard about the materials, processes, prints and layouts and employ an expert service provider to custom-build solutions for you. The right one can advise you on various printing and coating technologies to maximize protection and shelf appeal. Every need is different. By choosing a supplier to meet YOUR requirements (and not the other way around), you’ll save time and money and increase your marketability in a highly competitive field. 

Fast Product Launches

If you work with a packaging supplier like Sonoco, you’ll increase your speed to market. Typically, we move from concept to a production-ready state in as little as twelve weeks! This is important if you’re a growing business or releasing a new, seasonal item. Time is of the essence. Every minute spent away from store shelves is another chip at your bottom-line returns. 

Make sure your packaging vendor can deliver a quality product around YOUR timeline. Check their reviews online! A good supplier understands the importance of managing your business needs in a timely fashion, so you can focus on your product and putting more out there to make more sales. 

Experienced Service 

It’s better to choose a provider with years of experience. In our 125-plus years of packaging products for a range of clients across the globe, we’ve seen it all. We know, for example, why cold sealants work great for confectionary and temperature-sensitive goods like chocolate. We’ve packaged so many for so long and tested their quality and performance against the rest! 

We serve the world’s best-known brands, from big-name retailers to small mom and pops. No matter what you make or provide, thousands of new consumer products launch every year and most of them fail – at least 95% according to a review by Harvard Business School. Your supplier needs to know what’s at stake and how to lower your barrier to entry, increase speed to market and reduce overall risk.

Superior Savings 

Third-party packaging is an extra expense; however, you’ll wind up saving money due to time. Time spent wondering the best way to trim your costs. Time spent redesigning an unsuccessful run.

The old saying is time is money and this is especially true in business. Doing all the packaging yourself or with a less experienced provider will cost you lots of time and money. However, if you employ an efficient, experienced service provider, you can spend your money in more valuable ways by focusing on what you do best – and that’s your product!

Save money and stress; let Sonoco help you achieve all your business goals at once with a custom solution based on your individual product needs. Contact us here for a FREE consultation today! 


  • Alloyd