Barclays Report
Barclays Report

Food Waste: Ripe for Change

We waste an unsustainable one-third of the food we produce globally, valued at $1 trillion and accounting for 8% of GHG emissions. This report by Barclays proposes that the time is ripe to execute change through collaborative action across the food value chain. 

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Food Waste Brochure
Sonoco Industry Update

How Packaging Can Help Solve Our Food Waste Problem

Sonoco explores how better understanding the food waste problem helps us begin to explore packaging technologies as a means of reducing waste, thereby combatting the related problems of hunger, greenhouse gas emissions, and economic losses.

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Food Report
World Resources Report

Creating a Sustainable Food Future

This report focuses on technical opportunities and policies for cost-effective scenarios to meet food, land-use, and greenhouse gas emissions goals in 2050 in ways that can also help to alleviate poverty and do not exacerbate water challenges.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

Committed to a Better World for 120 Years

Sonoco is committed to sustainable product development, improved recycling and environmental consciousness globally.

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