Packaging that puts adhesives and sealants precisely where they need to be.

When a homeowner picks up a cartridge of silicone sealant to make a window more energy-efficient, or squeezes caulk carefully around a kitchen sink, product packaging makes a dramatic difference in product performance.  The same is true on construction sites and in industrial facilities.

  • Fiber Caulk Tubes

    Fiber Caulk Tubes

    Typically used for more aggressive latex or solvent based applications, the paperboard tube provides both non-hermetic and high-barrier protection and prevents the product from seeping through the package.

    With dedicated manufacturing facilities in Beavercreek, Ohio and Carrollton, Texas, Sonoco operates using high-speed lines and provides the highest level of service to our customers.  Each cartridge is spirally wound from minimum 75% recycled fiber / 70% post-consumer material.

    A wide range of nozzle color options are available to match the product color to the package or to attract attention on the shelf.  Nozzle sizes range in 3-4 inches and in varying styles.

    Convolute or spiral labels are available to complete the package depending on customer preference.

    Top Performance, Rain or Shine

    Developed in response to extensive market research on the unmet needs and issues facing construction sites, Sonoco's fiber cartridge with RainGuard technology withstands rain, sleet and snow without compromising performance.
  • Oil and Grease Containers

    Oil & Grease Containers

    Sonoco’s oil and grease containers offer better technical expertise in packaging for hard-to-hold greases. 

    Turn to us for:

    • Grease cartridges
    • One-pound fiber grease tubs
    • 3 oz. plastic mini cartridges
    • State-of-the-art production lines and supply continuity
    • Convenience of combining loads of grease cartridges, mini cartridges and one-pound tub

  • Plastic Caulk Tubes

    Plastic Caulk Tubes

    Typically used for latex applications, plastic caulk containers are customizable based on the product packaged and the aesthetic requirements.

    Product chemistry plays a major role in determining the appropriate wall thickness of the cartridge.  The body is extruded using spinwelding technology, thus providing a different look to the sea of home improvement tubes that line the shelves in home improvement stores.   For some product applications, a clear co-polyester cartridge is available which modernizes the look of the cartridge.

    Two different nozzle options are available for discharging caulking material. A premium Euro-style threaded tip or a traditional spout, both available in 3-4 inches and in varying styles. Regardless of nozzle type, Sonoco provides a wide range of nozzle color options to match the product color to the package, limiting consumer confusion as a result.

    Dry offset printing using UV cured inks completes the package with a variety of finishing options available.

    Plastic Caulk Tubes
  • Sausage Packs

    Sausage Packs

    Sonoco’s thorough understanding in material structures is essential in providing our customers with a bulk caulk package that prevents the product from eroding through the lamination.  The combination of good materials and strong bonds between layers protects the product so you do not have to worry about quality issues.  Based out of the Mississauga, Ontario facility, we provide rollstock to our customers who then convert and fill.  Along with providing experiences technical support for filling equipment, our sausage packs have short production lead times.  

    Several printing options are available to ensure your package looks the way you intend.

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