• From Concept to Completion

    Whether you’re using injection molded plastics to manufacture medical devices more efficiently, prevent contamination of apparel products or reduce the weight of car parts and components, Sonoco has the experience, expertise and craftsmanship to ensure the success of your project.

    Guiding customers through every stage of a project, our comprehensive approach includes advanced design and engineering assistance, mold making, prototyping, real-world testing and automated assembly services.

  • Purpose-Driven Innovation

    At Sonoco, we believe in harnessing the power of process to drive innovation. Our proprietary i6 Innovation Process leverages market insights with advanced technical expertise to fully imagine, test, produce and deliver 360-degree solutions. While innovation involves creativity, free-thinking and imagination, the i6 Innovation process gives it direction, power and purpose. Adhering to this disciplined approach is vital to helping solve problems and consistently deliver repeatable, scalable injection molding services for our customers.

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