Stand out from the crowd.

The seasonings and spices market is considered one of the most recession-proof markets, as consumers tend to prepare more meals at home when economic conditions are ambiguous.  As this market continues to grow alongside changing demographics and a rise in healthier eating, it is more important than ever to stand out on the shelf amidst a daunting array of consumer choices.

  • Rigid Paper Containers

    Our paperboard containers can be easily tailored to target any usage occasion, satisfying retail space considerations and creating opportunities to redefine your category with little changeover time. To enhance the value of your product, choose from a wide range of labeling options: from timely promotional incentives integrated in the label, to that perfect classic label that connects the consumer to your brand year after year.

  • Ends & Closures

    Our specialty portfolio of ends and closures doesn't just keep your product fresh and safe -- it can also assist your customers with sprinkling, shaking or measuring ingredients.

  • Flexible Plastic Packaging

    Flexible pouches and stick packs are a great way to present seasonings and spices, including dry soup mix and other flavorings. Our variety of solutions offers benefits such as easier opening of the packaging and easier dispensing of the product inside, minimizing hassle and mess. We offer resealable and fitment options for pouches, as well as a variety of other customizations.