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Fiber Caulk Tubes

Typically used for more aggressive latex or solvent based applications, the paperboard tube provides both non-hermetic and high-barrier protection and prevents the product from seeping through the package.

With dedicated manufacturing facilities in Beavercreek, Ohio and Carrollton, Texas, Sonoco operates using high-speed lines and provides the highest level of service to our customers.  Each cartridge is spirally wound from minimum 75% recycled fiber / 70% post-consumer material.

A wide range of nozzle color options are available to match the product color to the package or to attract attention on the shelf.  Nozzle sizes range in 3-4 inches and in varying styles.

Convolute or spiral labels are available to complete the package depending on customer preference.

Top performance, rain or shine

Developed in response to extensive market research on the unmet needs and issues facing construction sites, Sonoco's fiber cartridge with RainGuard technology withstands rain, sleet and snow without compromising performance.

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