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Plastic Caulk Tubes

Typically used for latex applications, plastic caulk containers are customizable based on the product packaged and the aesthetic requirements.

Product chemistry plays a major role in determining the appropriate wall thickness of the cartridge.  The body is extruded using spinwelding technology, thus providing a different look to the sea of home improvement tubes that line the shelves in home improvement stores.   For some product applications, a clear co-polyester cartridge is available which modernizes the look of the cartridge.

Two different nozzle options are available for discharging caulking material. A premium Euro-style threaded tip or a traditional spout, both available in 3-4 inches and in varying styles. Regardless of nozzle type, Sonoco provides a wide range of nozzle color options to match the product color to the package, limiting consumer confusion as a result.

Dry offset printing using UV cured inks completes the package with a variety of finishing options available.

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