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Driving solutions for our partners in the automotive industry

Our wide range of expertise gives us the ability to provide total solutions all the way from the interior of a vehicle to the transportation of individual parts.

Let the experts at Sonoco create a 360º Customized Solution for you.

Molded Foam Components

Our molded foam components reduce overall vehicle weight and improve fuel economy. Learn More

Carpet & Fabric Cores

Sonoco has been manufacturing tubes and cores for more than 115 years. Our cores store the fabric used for automotive carpeting and interiors. Learn More

Returnable Dunnage

Sonoco's material handling solutions protect fragile and complex parts during transit to automotive assembly lines. Learn More

Automotive Pallets

Lightweight and sturdy, Sonoco pallets meet a range of automotive material handling needs. Learn More

Automotive Racking

Sonoco racking systems handle and store complex automotive parts, while increasing warehouse efficiency. Learn More

Injection Molded Components

Sonoco specializes in the design and manufacturing of injection molded automotive components. Learn More