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Returnable Dunnage

Sonoco's line of molded EPP foam returnable totes and dunnage is ideal for automotive applications

TransGuard® allows you to safely ship your complex, fragile, and sensitive parts from the manufacturing location to the assembly line without suffering damage or extensive packaging costs.

Stand Alone Totes:

The transGuard Stand Alone tote combines molded product protection and exterior durability, which elimi-nates the need for an exterior tote. Both the height and interior can be customized to fit uniquely shaped parts, such as headlights and brake pad assemblies. This customization allows you to increase the yield per con-tainer and maximize truckload efficiency.

Bulk Bin Inserts

TransGuard Bulk Bin Inserts are designed to fit inside a standard 48"x45" bulk bin. This allows for maximized product yield per container.

Tote Inserts

Our transGuard Tote Inserts deliver the same interior customization, while allowing customers to continue using their current injection molded totes.

Custom Dunnage

Custom Dunnage protects large, fragile and complex items like automotive grilles and sunroofs. This application is extremely effective in scenarios where height customization can greatly decrease shipping costs. Custom-molded EPP corner pieces interlock and eliminate the need for dunnage between layers. Additionally, return ratio in pallet package applications can be 2-to-2, which reduces return freight costs.

Molded EPP Material

The molded EPP material is resilient, durable, and helps to protect Class A surface finishes from potential damage.

TransGuard is ideal for many applications, including:
  • Lights
  • Airbag modules
  • Trim
  • Grilles
  • Windows
  • Instrument panels and clusters