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Beyond product protection, Sonoco is committed to innovating dairy packaging design to help our customers stand out on the shelf and provide added value and functionality at home. 

When it comes to dairy products, freshness is key. Sonoco’s packaging protects your refrigerated or frozen food, ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. But we go a step further, working with our customers to help them stand out from the crowd. We’ve produced flexible plastic, rigid plastic and rigid paper packaging for ice cream, sour cream and more – taking on the unique challenges of the dairy market and developing award-winning solutions in collaboration with our customers.

Flexible packaging

Sonoco’s flexible packaging technologies include award-winning flexographic and rotogravure printing, high-barrier laminations, precision scoring, integrated reclose features including its patented SmartSeal® and SealTab® closures, specialty coatings and films, prototyping and graphics management.

Most notably for the dairy market, Sonoco contributed high-performance film laminate to the award-winning Daisy Sour Cream squeezable pouch, which was developed in collaboration with Daisy Brand, Aptar (dispensing closure & fitment) and Continuum (innovation design). The pouch is the first of its kind in the dairy aisle, providing an easy-to-use, mess-free, recloseable package. 

Learn more about our flexible pouches.

Plastic tubs

Sonoco’s plastic tubs package ice cream, butter, cheese and coffee creamer in Europe and the U.S. We now offer a new barrier injection-molded packaging solution for extended shelf life, available in a wide variety of shapes, including nestable options for efficient transport.

Barrier IML packaging combines robust product protection with trendsetting shelf appeal through eye-catching, full-body graphics. It offers a cost-effective alternative to metal and glass, and it provides a better moisture barrier than traditional multi-layer plastic packaging in a thin-walled package. Durable and lightweight, it's compatible with retort, hot-fill or gas-flush filling systems.

Learn more about our plastic tubs.

Plastic trays and lidding

Sonoco offers rigid rollstock and flexible lidding films suited to applications like meat and cheese deli trays. Our mechanically foamed PET, PETLite™, is intended to replace HIPS, styrofoam, and other rigid packaging materials.

Rigid paper containers

Whether you’re selling your ice cream in single-serve sizes, pints, quarts or even bulk drums, Sonoco’s rigid paperboard packaging is an effective and eye-catching solution. We have decades of experience packaging ice cream for high-end brands as well as for bulk wholesale applications.

Learn more about our rigid paper packaging. 

Read more about: Daisy Sour Cream

Market leader Daisy Sour Cream wanted an innovative packaging solution that reflected how consumers love to use their product – as both a topping, and an ingredient. Learn more about the award-winning solution that Sonoco developed collaboratively - revolutionizing the dairy aisle. 

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