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A fresh take on packaged meal solutions

In the age of the groceraunt, the deli means more than meats and cheeses. Sonoco offers a portfolio of deli packaging solutions that combine the best of the old with the best of the new - providing trays and lidding for meats and cheeses, as well as clear PET tubs for prepared salads and other sides, molded plastic bakery containers, and even PETLite foamed polyester perfect for takeout containers.

Protein snack kits

We use high-barrier flexible and rigid rollstock to create packaging solutions for both vertical form-fill-seal and horizontal form-fill-seal applications. Our high-barrier lidding films are compatible with a variety of substrates for tray sealers as well as form-fill-seal applications. We offer options that support modified atmosphere packaging applications.

Deli rounds

Quality and freshness are key for foods sold refrigerated, in bulk or at salad bars. Our deli rounds place the emphasis on the visual appeal of your product – and the inside-fit lid is snug and secure, reducing the risk of drips and spills for on-the-go shoppers. They are ideal for all packing environments, from the high-volume processor/packer to individual use by retail shoppers, and made from high-quality, food-safe PET.

Bakery Containers

Designed for freshness, Sonoco’s bakery containers feature:

  • Air-tightness with a passive vent
  • Secure “dog bone” pin locks
  • Self-aligning locking pins
  • Denesting lugs for easy separation

Available in multiple footprints, our bakery packaging is made in the USA with up to 70% tough recycled PET drink bottles and meets international resin codes.

PETLite foamed rollstock

Give your customers a takeout container option more sustainable than traditional foamed materials. Sonoco’s PETLite™ rollstock is a mechanically foamed polyester created using nitrogen, a safe and inert gas – with no chemical foaming agents. Our foaming technique results in small, uniform gas bubbles, ultimately reducing the density (weight) of the finished rollstock by 30% or more compared to standard polyester. PETLite rollstock can be used on existing form fill seal machines or on industrial thermoforming lines. The material can also be laminated to further enhance barrier properties.

SealChoice polyester lidding films

  • Designed to seal to PET/RPET as well as PS, PETG, PP and CPET
  • Suitable for HPP, various fill temperatures and a wide variety of end-use applications
  • Runs on tray sealers or horizontal form-fill machines
  • Available options: clear, white or printed; barrier; anti-fog

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