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Pet Care

The Winning Formula for Pet Treat Packaging.

Launching new innovative products quickly and doing it right requires the right processes, the right packaging and the right packaging partner. To do that well, you have to connect knowledge and insights about pet owners with package design and production optimization, giving you the ideal link between innovative package development and speed to retail.

That’s where Sonoco can help.

The broadest portfolio of packaging in the industry combined with a disciplined, repeatable process results in faster product launches with less worries. For every launch, Sonoco's 360 Customized Solutions provide more than just the package:

  • Consumer, market and retail insights
  • Material science and packaging expertise to integrate multiple components
  • Rapid prototyping, physical mock-ups and 3D renderings
  • Analytical and physical testing
  • Pilot plant and FDA approved food filling for short run testing
  • Complete brand identity management from graphic design to print tooling and color management
  • Total supply chain management
  • Packaging fulfillment and retail display design

Combined, we are able to create packaging that adds value to your brands, quickly identifying the right packaging format and driving through to commercialization. Read about some of the packaging options that might be right for your product and brand.

Rigid Paper Container

  • Variety of diameter and height options stand out on shelf
  • Wide range of easy-open closures satisfy customer preference
  • Variety of barrier options maintain product integrity

Learn more.


  • Variety of reclose options, including zippers, reseal and hook & hook closure
  • Range of barrier solutions to satisfy strength, durability and other performance requirements
  • High impact graphics, clear window and variety of finishes and shapes 

Learn more.


  • Variety of shapes enabled by our blow-molding, thermoforming and injection molding platforms
  • Functionality-focused closure options such as resealability, dosing/dispensing and audible cues
  • Deep material science and manufacturing technology deliver a broad range of barrier solutions

Learn more.

Blister Cards and Folding Cartons

  • High visibility retail packaging in a variety of packaging styles
  • Iconic shapes and sustainable package design (with options sourced from 100% recycled materials)
  • Premium graphics, including 8-color printing plus coating, embossing and foil-heat stamping

Learn more about blister cards and folding cartons.

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