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Your prescription for product safety and brand recognition

The medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries have unique and demanding challenges. With offerings ranging from leading temperature assurance packaging, to a clean room certified to package Class 3 medical devices, to award-winning displays for over-the-counter solutions, Sonoco can provide what your product and your brand need.

Sonoco offers a variety of packaging, shipping and display solutions designed to meet the unique needs and exacting standards of the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 

Thermosafe temperature assurance packaging

Sonoco ThermoSafe is a leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines and other temperature sensitive products.

Sonoco ThermoSafe shipping solutions mitigate risk for our customers and ensure product efficacy throughout the extremes of a supply chain. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Sonoco ThermoSafe has a vast product offering featuring industry-leading technology that encompasses refrigerated, frozen or controlled room temperature applications. In addition, Sonoco ThermoSafe's ISC Labs® design and testing services deliver individualized and innovative packaging solutions along with qualification and validation services to meet all regulatory requirements. Learn more at www.thermosafe.com

Displays and packaging 

Sonoco's global network of strategically located service centers provides the expertise and capacity to effectively execute and manage a wide range of services for leading consumer products companies, including:

  • Supply chain-efficient promotional solutions
  • Custom temporary and permanent displays
  • Management of complex promotional programs
  • Scalable packaging supply chain management services
  • Project or customer-dedicated pack centers

Client success stories include a nationwide launch of Allegra OTC that garnered national recognition. We’d love to help you build your brand with our award-winning in-store marketing tactics. Learn more

Flexible packaging

Known for innovative easy-open, re-closeable bags and specialty pouches, we offer solutions that support smart, sustainable resource use. Benefits include consumer convenience, optimized performance, functional innovation and retail impact via streamlined graphics and brand management. Our clients include trusted over-the-counter brands. Learn more


We offer a variety of plastic packaging solutions, including blow molded, thermoformed, injection molded and extruded products. Our new clean room in the Netherlands allows us to package Class 3 medical devices such as bio-absorbable orthopedic implants, devices for brain surgery and biopsy instruments. Learn more


With a smooth surface for image fidelity and a brightness that makes images and colors pop, Sonoco's EcoTect® tan bending chip offers consistent high-quality printability for pharmaceutical boxes and paper containers. With a lower density per caliper than competitive substrates, EcoTect offers cost savings of, on average, 15-35%. It's also a responsible option -- EcoTect is made from 100% recycled fibers and is recyclable. Learn more

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