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Packaging takes your produce from farm to table

More and more, shoppers are seeking food that's fresh, natural and healthy. Showcase the quality of your produce with Sonoco's portfolio of produce packaging solutions, ranging from berry clamshells to salad tubs to pillow bags for greens. 

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Fresh fruit clamshells

Our fruit packaging is available in sizes ranging from snack-size samplers to bulk trays. It offers:

  • Side-slot, top and bottom hole vents for fast cool-down
  • Insertable tubs and lids for volume weight adjustability
  • Denesting lugs for easy separation
  • Compatibility with 5-, 6- and 8-down footprints

All are made in the USA with up to 100% tough recycled PET drink bottles and meet international resin codes and meet the sustainable packaging requirements of major retailers.

Salad containers

Protect delicate greens with Sonoco’s lidded salad containers. Our extensive range of PET salad containers offers a variety of choices:

  • Sealed film or rigid plastic lidding
  • Standard, family or single-serve portions
  • Tamper evidence designs available

Top Seal Lidded Trays and Bowls

Consumers want packaging solutions that offer transparency and convenience. Our Top Seal produce package highlights the quality and freshness of your product with high-quality PET, and optional integrated film lidding options offer consumers the added convenience of easy-open and reseal technologies. They are designed with a built-in flange to accept decorative top-seal films. Side venting is available to promote cooling, moisture management and freshness. 

SmartSeal® Easy-open and Reclose Systems

Top Seal produce containers are now available with Sonoco's SmartSeal peel-and-reseal technology, which features a patented precision-scored easy-open and reclose feature. Make it easy for consumers to use, reseal and reuse their produce with the convenience of SmartSeal technology, which also allows for tamper evidence and high-impact graphics.

SealChoice polyester lidding films

  • Designed to seal to PET/RPET as well as PS, PETG, PP and CPET
  • Suitable for HPP, various fill temperatures and a wide variety of end-use applications
  • Runs on tray sealers or horizontal form-fill machines
  • Available options: clear, white or printed; barrier; anti-fog

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