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Snackers don’t live by taste buds alone. 

They want packages that fit the way they live, work and play; that are easy to open and reclose; that are portable yet protect the product inside so that it always looks as good as it tastes.

There’s no denying it - we all love to snack, whether it be a leisurely snack at home or a quick bite to stave off hunger while you’re on the go.  Packaging that conveys accessibility and convenience attracts busy consumers who are short on time and require an easy and intuitive solution.  Whether you’re packing chips or nuts, cookies or candy, trail mix or cereal: Sonoco’s packaging can be tailored to fit your product, process, merchandising and consumer objectives.

Rigid paper containers

The multiple components that make up the rigid paper can are what truly differentiate it from the competition.  Barrier materials of paper, foil and film provide protection against oxygen and moisture and extend shelf life up to 18 months.  The rigidity of the container allows for transportation while protecting the contents of the can, minimizing product damage. The height and width of the rigid paper container are highly customizable to attract maximum consumer attention on the shelf: chips can be stacked high or nuts can be packed in a short, wide container, perfect for sharing with friends.  To complete the package, we offer a wide range of label options to give your product a competitive edge on crowded store shelves. Learn more


Known for innovative easy-open, re-closeable bags and specialty pouches, as well as promotional ink technologies, we also offer solutions that support smart, sustainable resource use.  Learn more

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