This page was created to help Sonoco managers stay up to date on the Company's pandemic planning efforts.

In the event of any type of flu pandemic, Sonoco's primary objectives would be to take reasonable measures to help protect the health and safety of employees and their families and to help provide continuing availability of products critical to our customers.


The following link provides regularly updated information on flu outbreaks from the International SOS:
International SOS Pandemic Preparedness

The following documents are designed to help managers learn more about the pandemic and developing plant-specific plans.

Modified Attendance Policy
Flu Vaccination Statement

Sonoco has also determined that the news media will not be a primary source of information about the H1N1 or other type of flu pandemic.  The only approved sources include:

The World Health Organization
The Center for Disease Control
The U.S. Government's pandemic flu web site
OSHA web site for protecting employees


Additional Resources

Plant Posters

Active screening alert
Cleaning contaminated areas
Cold or H1N1 flu
Don't Spread Sickness
Get a Flu Shot Each Year
Hand Washing
Is It a Cold or the Flu?
Keep It Clean
Passive Screening Alert
PPE-Correct Sequence
Signs of Stress
Take Time to Relax
Using Face Masks
Using Respirators
Water Coolers
Wearing Gloves

Reference / Other Documents

Advice for Contacts of a Case Phase 6
Contact Tracing Contact List
Contacts Tracing Script
Index Case Tracing Information Sheet
Managing Infected Employees
Pandemic Crisis Management Team
Sample Case Manager Tracking Sheet
Sample Facility Status Tracking Sheet
Sample Letter to Possible Contacts (Passive Contact Tracing)
Screening and Quarantine
Travelers and Expatriates



The following documents address Sonoco employee's most frequently asked questions.

Business Continuity
Employee Briefing (H1N1)
Employee Briefing (H5N1) Bird Flu
Staff Screening Questionnaire
Social Distancing
Maintaining Optimal Employee Health
Personal Protecting Equipment (PPE)
Maintaining Optimal Employee Health
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Influenza Risk Reduction (Front Office Staff)
PPE Introduction Presentation
PPE Calculation Matrix
Active Door POE Screening Procedure
Passive Door POE Screening Procedure
Sonoco Flu Vaccination Statement Sept. 2009