Fetch for Dry Food and Treats

ClearGuard™ for Dry Food and Treats

Introducing Sonoco’s ClearGuard™ portfolio of clear packaging options, bringing transparency to consumers while providing best-in-class barrier properties to keep dry pet food and treats fresh. ClearGuard structures have been proven to meet and exceed shelf life requirements, ideally suited for dry kibble and pet treats, while remaining cost-effective -- clearly the best value in product protection.

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TruVue for Wet Food

TruVue® for Wet Food

Our revealutionary new clear plastic can, TruVue with FUSION Freshlock Technology®, allows you to reinvent your brand without reinventing your production process. As the first clear plastic can able to withstand the rigors of retort, TruVue cans run on existing equipment, minimizing additional investment, while providing your brand truly unique differentiation on a crowded retail shelf. TruVue creates dramatic shelf-impact and delivers the cues of better taste, freshness, authenticity and premium quality picky pet parents are looking for in their wet pet food.

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Fetch for Dry Treats

OptiPack™ for Pet Treats

Based entirely on information from passionate pet parents, OptiPack is a revolutionary, purpose-driven innovation that scored 90% higher on "purchase intent" and 130% higher on "new and different" across all demographics in consumer research. OptiPack enables high quality, short-run graphics and has a custom clear window and easy-open/reclose functionality that signals the important purchase cues expected from a premium product--trust, freshness, authenticity and convenience. This purposefully-built package leverages a unique shape and design that delivers streamlined shipping and storage throughout the supply chain, while providing disruptive shelf-appeal at retail and the ultimate in convenience at home to optimize brand loyalty.

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Tempo Whitepaper

Speed to market

with TEMPO™ Accelerated
Shelf-Life Modeling

In a competitive marketplace, your speed-to-market can mean the difference between success and failure. Time is of the essence and efficient shelf-life testing is crucial. As a catalyst to make the most of physical shelf-life testing for dry or semi-moist pet treats, TEMPO accelerated shelf life modeling is a fast, cost-effective method to determine the unique barrier needs of a particular product in various environments, reducing testing time by as much as 80%, increasing your speed-of-innovation and speed-to-market.

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Petfood Forum

Check us out at booth #1331

Kansas City Convention Center

April 3-5, 2017

301 W 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64105

Don’t miss our presentation at Petfood Forum:

Modeling software that accelerates pet food shelf life testing and packaging design

April 4, 3:45-4:15 p.m., Exhibit Halls A-C

Learn how Sonoco uses its TEMPO™ modeling software to quickly estimate the shelf life of moisture-sensitive pet food products. The case study presented determined the moisture sorption/loss of three cat treat products and included a review of typical pet food packages found in the marketplace, demonstrating their impact on shelf life.

scott hartley

Scott Hartley

Development engineer, Sonoco