Navigating the spouted pouch supply chain can be puzzling

Developing and producing a winning spouted pouch requires flexibility, especially from your packaging partner. The ability to optimize performance, deliver functional innovation and produce retail impact — while coordinating and integrating each part of the supply chain and production process — are key pieces of the puzzle.

At Sonoco, we’re able to combine a deep material science expertise with our network of channel partners including fitment suppliers, pouch converters, equipment suppliers and co-packers to help you put all the pieces together to bring your product to market quickly.

Find the right fit for your pouch packaging needs.

  • Insights

    Market and consumer insights gathered through research tools like focus groups, online panels and in-home studies.

  • High-Performance Lamination Expertise

    Complex laminations designed to meet challenging product requirements, and film structures customized to your product and production process.

  • Network of Channel Partners

    A network of channel partners providing materials, spouts, caps, pouching, filling equipment, co-packing and finishing.

  • Prototyping and Pilot Production

    Initial sketching, photo-realistic renderings, 3D CAD concepts, prototypes, labeled mock-ups and functional samples.

  • Testing

    A variety of testing options ranging from routine physical testing to advanced analytical analyses.

  • Hot Fill, Retort, and Aseptic

    The right structure for your application, chosen from a suite of solutions to meet the needs of a variety of demanding products.

  • Premade and Form Fill Seal

    Technical expertise with both premade and form/fill/seal systems enables the flexibility to provide the perfect solution for your unique product needs and branding goals.

  • Technical Support

    Technical expertise across a broad range of equipment and processing conditions to assist in successful machine start-up and ongoing efficiencies.

  • Rotogravure and Flexographic Printing

    A range of printing process options to insure shelf appeal with the most efficient production process.

  • Specialty Matte or Metallic Inks

    Specialty ink and coating options such as metallic inks, matte over lacquers, and special effects support overall brand management as well as short-term promotions.

  • Graphics, Supply Chain, and Logistics

    Global visual consistency, collaborative planning and forecasting, supplier managed inventory and demand-driven order fulfillment. 

To solve a complex problem, you have to examine it from every angle.

At Sonoco, we approach our customers’ business starting with their unique challenges, then build a packaging-neutral, 360° Customized Solution™ that fits their specific needs — guiding re-envisioning from insights to opportunity via our new i6 Innovation Process™.

We’re able to integrate our expertise in many areas to provide you with not only a leading-edge spouted pouch, but also invaluable market and consumer insights, rapid prototyping, high-quality graphics, display and packaging solutions, supply chain management — and more.

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The i6 Innovation Process: A disciplined, step-by-step approach to develop market and customer insights into an innovative, customized solution

  • i1: Insight

    We gather market and consumer insights using research tools like focus groups, online panels and in-home studies. This highly qualitative research helps us gain a better understanding of how consumers interact with our customers’ product and packaging, while informing our thinking and guiding our innovation process.

  • i2: Ideation

    Combining the surfaced consumer and market insights with an understanding of our customer’s marketing goals, we invite packaging engineers, marketing gurus and designers to participate in cross-discipline brainstorming. This leads to the development and evaluation of a suite of ideas and approaches.

  • i3: Invention

    Where idea meets opportunity – we use our rapid-prototyping capabilities, packaging and material science labs, consumer research capabilities and pilot plant, which conducts manufacturing test runs, to gauge the feasibility of one or more approaches.

  • i4: Integration

    We determine how to best incorporate solutions from an operational perspective, considering things like process development, manufacturing, designing for sustainability and graphics management.

  • i5: Interaction

    The moment of truth: consumer interaction. We examine ways to maximize market impact, including testing in a retail environment, evaluating in-store marketing programs or conducting eye-tracking studies to determine graphics and design appeal.

  • i6: Iteration

    Change is a constant. In the last step, we evaluate product, promotion and package performance, as well as supply chain integration, manufacturing performance systems and recycling, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible product.

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