A Revolution in Returnables

TransGuard offer benefits like height customization, lower packaging costs, superior part protection, years of use, and maximized truck yield. TransGuard totes are particularly effective in applications where a lighter weight container allows you to hold more parts and where height customization can greatly decrease shipping costs. Also, TransGuard solutions are recyclable.

Stand Alone Totes Advantages

TransGuard Stand Alone Totes replace standard injection molded plastic totes and fabricated inserts with a single unit made from molded foam. 

  • Height customizable maximizing the number of products in a stack
  • Molded to fit complex part features
  • Returnable and reusable
  • Allow for complex interior customization.
  • Custom Dunnage Advantages

    Custom dunnage provides a good solution for large, fragile, complex items that are hard to hold.

    • Ideal for applications where height customization can greatly decrease shipping costs
    • Return ratio in pallet package applications can be 2:1, reducing return freight costs
    • Offers interlocking dunnage for plastic pallets and metal racks, as well as dunnage designed to go inside bulk bins

  • Bulk Bin Inserts Advantages

    TransGuard Bulk Bin Inserts fit inside traditional structural foam bins.

    • Maximize the truck yield
    • Deep parts are possible due to zero degree draft of process

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