Markets We Serve

  • image of ice cream being consumed


    We produce flexible plastic, rigid plastic and rigid paper packaging for ice cream, sour cream and more.

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  • image of fast food counter

    Condiments, Dips & Dressings

    Providing dipping cups and lidding, as well as pouches, to QSRs and their customers.

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    We offer liquid condiment packaging as well as portion-controlled condiment packaging and a full line of cups for dips, soups and sauces.

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  • Person holding up toddler in a field

    Infant & Toddler Needs

    A global supplier of infant formula and baby/toddler food packaging to many major CPG's, Sonoco helps brands communicate reliability and quality.

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  • Food arranged in serving trays on a buffet


    From trays and lidding to PET tubs, molded plastic bakery containers and coated paperboard, Sonoco offers solutions for the deli market.

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    Showcase the quality of your produce with our portfolio of produce solutions, ranging from berry clamshells to salad tubs to pillow bags for greens.

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  • various types of vegetables

    Fresh & Natural Foods

    As demand for produce grows and eating habits change, we're helping you deliver better packaging to provide a better experience for your customers.

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  • Couple standing in front of the grocery store freezer

    Frozen Foods

    Our frozen foods packaging ranges from bags for flash-frozen produce to frozen dinner trays designed for the freezer, microwave, and oven.

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  • Dried bananas, raisins, nuts, and other snacks mixed together

    Snacks & Confections

    Packaging that's portable and protective, from easy-open to clear and flexible solutions.

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    Prepared Foods

    We offer a variety of flexible films and wraps, rigid plastic containers, and even coated paperboard perfect for take-out containers.

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Lidding Capabilities

Sonoco specializes in rollstock lidding for various end-use applications, specially formulated to meet varying barrier levels, filling methods, product and print requirements.  We have films that can seal through contamination, as well as withstand different processing methods, including HPP. 

As more consumers are demanding transparency, more clear PET containers are being used to package fresh food products. Our lidding films are used to seal to PET trays for fresh and value-added fruits and vegetables. 

Our lidding films are also used in the deli, dairy, and bakery segments for ready-to-eat soups and salads as well as protein multi-compartment snack trays. 

Peel-able Flexible Lidding on Clear PET Thermoform being peeled back

SealChoice™ Peelable Lidding Films

Our SealChoice family of peelable lidding films is designed to seal directly to a variety of substrates, including polyester containers. We offer lidding films in both polymer and heat seal coating sealant layers to meet your needs.

We also offer a lidding that is compatible with high-pressure processing (HPP) typically used in guacamoles, salsas and meats.  We maintain a hermetic seal during processing and offer a clean easy peel for the consumer.  

Peelable Lidding on Hummus Package (Clear PET Circle)

Foil and Metallized Lidding

Our printed foil and metallized lidding is typically used to seal to HIPS or other substrates in the quick-serve restaurant industry for dips, dressings, and sauces.  Our lidding is also used to package am and jellies as well as honey.  This lidding can withstand the most demanding and hard-to-hold applications.  Our lidding film is used in both FFS applications and in combinations with pre-made cupstock. 

Multiple Condiment Containers with Foil Flexible Lidding

Peel/reseal Technologies

Sonoco also produces peel/reseal lidding films using both our proprietary SmartSeal® technology and our discreet label technology to suit varying needs.  This could be a viable alternative to a rigid lid, while providing the consumer the convenience of recloseability.  

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SmartSeal Resealable Film on a container of dog buiscuits

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