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    From trays and lidding to PET tubs, molded plastic bakery containers and PETLite foamed polyester, Sonoco offers solutions for the deli market.

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    Fresh & Natural Foods

    As demand for produce grows and eating habits change, we're helping you deliver better packaging to provide a better experience for your customers.

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    We offer liquid condiment packaging as well as portion-controlled condiment packaging and a full line of cups for dips, soups and sauces.

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    Prepared Foods

    We offer a variety of flexible films and wraps, rigid plastic containers, and even foamed rollstock perfect for take-out containers.

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Reduce your environmental impact

Sonoco’s PETLite rollstock is a mechanically foamed polyester designed to primarily replace high-impact polystyrene and stryrofoam, as well as compact PVC, PET or PP.

The material is foamed using nitrogen, a safe and inert gas – with no chemical foaming agents. Our foaming technique results in small, uniform gas bubbles, ultimately reducing the density (weight) of the finished rollstock by up to 40% compared to standard polyester.

PETLite rollstock can be used on existing form fill seal machines or on industrial thermoforming lines. The material can also be laminated to further enhance barrier properties.

PETLite rollstock is recycle-ready, with no residual solvents in the byproduct.

PetLite Rollstock

Environmental Impact

Input materials

  • Can contain up to 50% recycled content
  • Less virgin material used


  • Reduces total weight by 40%.
  • Less input to deliver same thickness


  • Natural material appears opaque and melts clear
  • Can be reused in extrusion process
  • Requires IR sorting due to new low density


  • 100% of regrind and edge trim can be put back into the product


  • Durability: equal or better toughness, compared to HIPS or OPS
  • Compatibility: compatible with existing FFS and thermoforming lines, with thermoforming characteristics similar to PET
  • Barrier and chemical resistance: comparable barrier and chemical resistance properties to rigid APET
  • Skin layers: Customizable skin layers, with smooth skin layers allowing sealing to standard PET liddings and rough skin layers giving a foamed look


• Achieve varying levels of smoothness/roughness and shiny/matte characteristics on optional ABA skins
• Customize your color to promote your brand and product consistency. With no color added, PETLite rollstock appears matte white and melts clear. Colored material can be incorporated with other colored PET flake.
• Density can be varied according to customer needs.
• A combination of APET and RPET can be used to manufacture PETLite rollstock. All trim and regrind is incorporated back into the product.

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