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    Pet Care

    Sonoco offers a wide variety of packaging specifically for the pet care market.

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    Frozen Foods

    Our frozen foods packaging ranges from bags for flash-frozen produce to frozen dinner trays designed for the freezer, microwave, and oven.

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    Snacks & Confections

    Packaging that's portable and protective, from easy-open to clear and flexible solutions.

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    Offer customers an eye-catching, convenient package that protects products and extends shelf life.

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Introducing EnviroFlex™ PE, a recyclable, polyethylene, flexible pouch.

Ideal for a wide range of foods from confections, dry and dehydrated foods, to produce; as a monolayer material the EnviroFlex™PE pouch is eligible to use the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off label. This means it can be dropped off (clean and dry) at local retail stores for recycling with grocery bags.

EnviroFlex PE:

  • Runs on both vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines
  • Is available as a premade pouch or rollstock
  • Can be offered with and without barrier properties


EnviroFlex™ PE, a recyclable, polyethylene, flexible pouch by itself

The Limitless Possibilities of Pouching

Flexible. Versatile. Customizable. Remarkable.

To learn more about our pouch packaging capabilities download our overview.

Pouch and Bag Options

  • Stand-up Pouch (Plow-bottom)

  • K-style Pouch with Skirt Seal

  • Doyen-style Pouch

  • 3-side Sealed Pouch

  • Side-gusset Pouch with Pinch Bottom

  • Handled Pouch

  • Compartment Pouch

Closures and Other Options

  • Zippers

    • Single Track
    • Double and Multi-Lane
    • Hook & Loop/Easy-Crush
    • Powder-Proof
    • Low-Profile

  • Other Options

    • Tear Notch
    • Hang/Peg Hole
    • Carrying Handle
    • Vent Holes/Perforations
    • Wickets

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