Consumer Product Packaging & Services

From rigid paper and plastics, to flexible packaging and hybrid options, we have an integrated packaging solution to help move your product and your brand from creation to consumer. Whether your product is sold on the perimeter or the center of the store, our packaging and merchandising capabilities can increase your speed to market, while also increasing shelf and shopper appeal through innovative design that adds value to your marketing and manufacturing.

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Industrial Products & Services

Industrial markets demand exacting performance from both products and services. We apply technological and manufacturing rigor to products ranging from high-performance tubes and cores for paper, textiles, specialty films and other wound products, to the paper, corrugated and uncoated recycled board we produce for a wide range of applications around the world.

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Protective Packaging Solutions

Uncompromising protection is critical for many products. Sonoco manufactures a wide range of protective solutions for a variety of markets. We make temperature assured packaging for pharmaceuticals and other biologics, highly engineered foam products used in vehicles to improve safety and carbon footprint, and protective solutions to ensure the safe delivery and efficient storage of durable consumer goods like washers, refrigerators and HVAC systems.

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We Serve Your Market

  • Closeup on steaming coffee beans


    Offer customers an eye-catching, convenient package that protects products and extends shelf life.

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  • various types of vegetables

    Fresh & Natural Foods

    As demand for produce grows and eating habits change, we're helping you deliver better packaging to provide a better experience for your customers.

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  • Person holding up toddler in a field

    Infant & Toddler Needs

    A global supplier of infant formula and baby/toddler food packaging to many major CPG's, Sonoco helps brands communicate reliability and quality.

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  • Hands adjusting flowers in a display area

    Lawn & Garden

    Sonoco provides expertise in packaging lawn care products such as fertilizer, insecticide and grass seed.

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  • Little girl reaching for grape tomatoes


    Showcase the quality of your produce with our portfolio of produce solutions, ranging from berry clamshells to salad tubs to pillow bags for greens.

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  • Dried bananas, raisins, nuts, and other snacks mixed together

    Snacks & Confections

    Packaging that's portable and protective, from easy-open to clear and flexible solutions.

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  • Closeup of running shoes

    Sports & Nutrition

    Sonoco offers sports and nutrition packaging options that excel at protecting liquid and powdered products, all while marketing your brand.

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  • hands caulking window

    Adhesives & Sealants

    Count on Sonoco for packaging expertise and innovation in the adhesives and sealants market.

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  • Wet cement coming out of a machine


    For more than 50 years, contractors around the world have relied on the Sonotube® brand of fiber forms for cost-effective column form setting.

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  • Thick red material drips from a container


    Our packaging fits your needs for improved storage and dispensing of ink, cosmetics, paint colorants and other high-value, high-viscosity liquids.

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  • Couple sitting in front of a television, woman on a tablet device


    We offer extra protection for electronic products - accounting for g-force, vibration and impact while meeting your packing and unpacking needs.

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  • Closeup on the front of a sedan


    Our expertise gives us the ability to provide total solutions from the interior of a vehicle to the transportation of individual parts.

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  • Closeup on the tops of vials

    Medical & Pharmaceuticals

    We offer temperature assurance packaging, clean rooms certified to package Class 3 medical devices and displays for over-the-counter solutions.

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  • Woman unloading a dryer


    Our appliances solutions prevent damage and reduce total cost as we help you get your products safely to their destination.

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  • Two kids examining cupcakes in a bakery display case

    Baked Goods

    Sonoco provides packaging for bakery items ranging from cookies, to cupcakes and muffins, to cheesecake, to prepackaged baked goods.

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  • Food arranged in serving trays on a buffet


    From trays and lidding to PET tubs, molded plastic bakery containers and coated paperboard, Sonoco offers solutions for the deli market.

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  • Film stretched over a rolling machine


    Cores designed for winding or unwinding films, foils or other demanding products.

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  • photo of fast food counter


    We offer liquid condiment packaging as well as portion-controlled condiment packaging and a full line of cups for dips, soups and sauces.

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  • Couple standing in front of the grocery store freezer

    Frozen Foods

    Our frozen foods packaging ranges from bags for flash-frozen produce to frozen dinner trays designed for the freezer, microwave, and oven.

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  • Hospitality

    We serve hotels, restaurants, bars, and casinos with the highest quality paper products.

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  • Woman playing with her cat

    Pet Care

    Sonoco offers a wide variety of packaging specifically for the pet care market.

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  • kids in hammock drinking

    Powdered Beverages

    Sonoco's packaging excels at marketing your brand, while providing physical protection – maintaining freshness before and after opening.

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  • Little girl holding a container at the grocery store

    Prepared Foods

    We offer a variety of flexible films and wraps, rigid plastic containers, and even coated paperboard perfect for take-out containers.

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  • Dozens of different spices in small bowls

    Seasonings & Spices

    Sonoco packaging helps your products stand out on the shelf in a timeless and competitive market.

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  • Rolls of tape wrapped around cardboard tubes

    Tape & Label

    Sonoco offers high-performance cores designed for demanding tape and label manufacturers.

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  • Dozens of spools of thread, of various colors, sitting together


    Delivering high-value packaging and services to the textile industry for over 115 years.

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  • Multiple rolls of toilet paper

    Tissue & Towel

    We offer optimized spiral winding tube performance, customized paper grades and a large portfolio tailored to 1-, 2- and multi-ply applications.

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