Making the fitmented pouch supply chain easy

At Sonoco, we’re able to combine a deep material science expertise with our network of channel partners including fitment suppliers, pouch converters, equipment suppliers and co-packers to help you put all the pieces together to bring your product to market quickly.

We optimize performance, deliver functional innovation and produce retail impact — while coordinating and integrating each part of the supply chain and production process to make life easy for our customers.

Let us help you with:

  • Insights and innovation
  • High-performance and high-barrier lamination expertise
  • A proven network of channel partners
  • Prototyping and pilot production
  • Testing
  • Hot fill, retort and aseptic capabilities
  • Premade and form fill seal pouches
  • Roto and flexo printing
  • Specialty matte or metallic inks
  • Global graphics management
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Technical support
Various fitment pouches including inverted Daisy sour cream, stand up Tree Top applesauce, and aseptic food service package for bulk items

Case Study

Read more: Daisy sour cream

Market leader Daisy Sour Cream wanted an innovative packaging solution that reflected how consumers love to use their product – as both a topping, and an ingredient. Learn more about the award-winning solution that Sonoco developed collaboratively - revolutionizing the dairy aisle. 

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Inverted laminated pouched with dispensing stand cap closure as fitment - shown in Daisy Sour Cream variation

Press Release

Read more: Tree Top apple sauce

Sonoco is helping apple sauce maker Tree Top, of Yakima, Wash., innovate the apple sauce industry by packaging the fruit product in clear packaging – promoting safety, trust and transparency by allowing consumers to view the product before consuming it or serving it to their children.

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Stand up Tree Top applesauce pouch with fitment and clear window