Barrier Properties

EnviroFlex® PCR is a portfolio of solutions containing post consumer recycled materials for many applications, from mono-material PET and PE to complex, multilayer structures.

Enviroflex PCR flow wrap


EnviroFlex® PCR is available as converted rollstock or pre-made pouch. Our capabilities include package types such as flow wraps, sachets, pillow bags.

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EnviroFlex PCR film roll

Drop-In Solution

We offer EnviroFlex® PCR with format and application variety so that making a change to improve your sustainable package profile can be a smooth and seamless transition. From rollstock for flow wraps or vertical form-fill-seal to pre-made hot fill, retort, or stand-up pouches, we work to find solutions most compatible with your existing assets.

EnviroFlex PCR wrap and pouch


Sonoco offers standard and advanced flexographic as well as rotogravure printing for high-speed, high-quality output. For cost-effective, efficient printing, even when runs are smaller, we specialize in pre-press services and combo printing to make the most out of every impression.

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Enviroflex PCR pouch

EnviroFlex® PE

EnviroFlex® PE, is available as a pouch or rollstock and provides the durability and processability expected from polyethylene in a store drop-off recyclable structure

Engineered to be a mono-material lamination, EnviroFlex PE has been pre-qualified in North America to carry the “store drop off / plastic” How2Recycle® label indicating ease of recyclability (where available).

  • Ideal for a wide range of foods including confections, snacks, dry or dehydrated
  • Flow wrap options for single serve snacks, personal care, baby and household items
  • Available as a premade pouch or rollstock, with or without barrier
  • Runs on both vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines
  • Cold seal structures available in metallized, clear, or high barrier film

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Enviroflex PE wrap, pouches and film

EnviroFlex® Paper

EnviroFlex® Paper provides a flexible packaging alternative made primarily of paper that was designed for recycling. Available with barrier properties and in various weights, EnviroFlex® Paper is ideal for packaging formats such as flow wrap, sachets and pillow bags. 

  • EnviroFlex® Paper has been pre-qualified in North America to carry the “widely recycled” How2Recycle® label indicating curbside recyclability (where available).  
  • Suitable for various food and non-food applications including: cookies, crackers, snacks, confections, dry/dehydrated foods & mixes, pet treats, personal care items and more 
  • Advances sustainability goals with significant plastic reduction and curbside recyclability 
  • Barrier solutions available and made without chemicals of concern 

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Enviroflex paper pouches and wrap

Markets That Can Benefit from EnviroFlex®

  • Dried bananas, raisins, nuts, and other snacks mixed together

    Snacks & Confections

    Whether you’re packing chips or nuts, cookies or candy, trail mix or cereal, our packaging can be tailored to fit your product and process.
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  • Woman playing with her cat

    Pet Care

    Choose from a wide variety of packaging specifically for the pet care market—from pouches to flexible packaging and retail-ready paper containers.
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  • Food & Powdered Beverage

    We offer solutions for all types of food and beverage packaging—from paperboard to renewable fiber to flexible plastic.
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EnviroFlex® PCR

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