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At Sonoco, we combine our innovative material structures with high-impact design, printing, and pouch-making capabilities to address any stand up pouch packaging need. See some of our options, below. 

Stand Up Pouch Customization Options

  • Barrier Properties

    Barrier Properties

    Sonoco applies our extensive material science and application knowledge to provide the right barrier material for any application. Whether your product requires foil, metallization, or EVOH resins, our portfolio has you covered. 

    And when you want product visibility, consider our ClearGuard® film, offering barrier protection proven to be superior over other, non-metal, transparent barrier films and lamination options.

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    Barrier Properties
  • Fitments & Closures

    Fitments & Closures

    Our fitment and closure solutions are designed to meet the needs of a variety of pouch packaging applications. Whether you’re looking for easy-dispensing spout, press-to-close zippers or sliders, or a resealable option like SealTab®, our solutions offer both convenience and on-the-go portability.

    Fitments & Closures
  • Styles


    We offer a wide range of styles to cater to various applications. From K-style or flat bottom for heavy large products, Doyen for dry/moist, to three-side seal or pouches with side gussets - we have you covered.

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  • Printing


    Sonoco offers standard and advanced flexographic as well as rotogravure printing for high-speed, high-quality output. For cost-effective, efficient printing, even when runs are smaller, we specialize in pre-press services and combo printing to make the most out of every impression, while specialty inks and coatings add uniqueness and impact.

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    Stand Up Pouch Printing
  • EnviroFlex®


    Part of Sonoco’s EnviroSense portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions, EnviroFlex® provides new, innovative ways to bring sustainability to pouch packaging. From use of post-consumer recycled content in applications otherwise difficult to recover, to polyethylene and flexible paper options pre-qualified for recycling labels, EnviroFlex® makes it possible.


    EnviroFlex PE

Markets That Can Benefit from Stand Up Pouches

  • Food & Powdered Beverage

    We offer solutions for all types of food and beverage packaging—from paperboard to renewable fiber to flexible plastic.
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  • Woman playing with her cat

    Pet Care

    Choose from a wide variety of packaging specifically for the pet care market—from pouches to flexible packaging and retail-ready paper containers.
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  • Chemicals


    Find technologically advanced, engineered solutions for the most challenging products – chemically aggressive cleaners, detergents and other substances where protection is paramount.
  • Tobacco


    Craft sustainable, efficient packaging for smokeless and lose leaf products with strong, moisture-resistant materials designed to preserve quality while adhering to regulatory guidelines.
  • Lawn & Garden

    Lawn & Garden

    A versatile portfolio with a diverse range of label and protective barrier options helps plant the seed in your customers’ minds, drawn in by the prospect of growing your brand.

Stand Up Pouches

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