• Plastic Plugs

    The dimensional stability and superior strength of our plastic core plugs protect rolls and prevent fallout that damages both product and productivity. Available in many standard sizes, plugs can also be custom-made specifically for your requirements. We also offer suspension pad plugs in the most-needed sizes, as well as in-place plugs to hold product securely in corrugated boxes.

  • Endwalls

    Sonoco plastic endwalls offer an alternative to plywood and corrugated endwall structures used to suspend very large rolls of product on pallets. Our plastic endwalls are ideal for foil, paper and sensitive film applications that are particularly susceptible to damage, including flexible electronics or solar film, as well as film for products such as TVs and battery separators. Among other benefits, they:

    • Improve roll and coil stackability
    • Offer unparalleled hub and stacking strength
    • Are ideal for clean room and food-service environments
    • Increase handling ease
    • Are reusable and returnable

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