Performance & Cost Savings

With a smooth surface for image fidelity and a brightness that makes images and colors pop, Sonoco's EcoTect product offers consistent high-quality printability. With a lower density per caliper than competitive substrates, EcoTect paperboard container offer significant cost savings. It's also a responsible option -- EcoTect paperboard is made from 100% recycled fibers and is recyclable. 

And now, EcoTect paperboard has become the first URB to be certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology to Hewlett-Packard (HP) Indigo print platform specifications.


Technical Information

Caliper range of 16-32 pt. (more options available upon request)
Densities ranging from 3.4 to 3.8 for excellent yield
Proven for offset lithography, flexographic and digital printing technologies
Meets FDA requirements for food contact packaging
Variety of custom options available

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Our EcoTect bending chip is not just a high-performance product -- it's the responsible option.

  • Sourced from 100% recycled materials (85% post-consumer, 15% post-industrial), pulling material from the waste stream and reducing waste-to-landfill
  • FSC and SFI Certified (see Certifications below)
  • PiQET Analysis available
  • Functionally equivalent stacking strength when compared to virgin grades (caliper for caliper)

EcoTect paperboard offers environmental responsibility, reduced waste-to-landfill, and recovery for use in closed-loop cycles.

Locations across North America ensure quick and efficient delivery.

Map of Ecotect Locations


All but two of our 23 global paperboard mills use 100% recycled fibers in their production. Sonoco is committed to responsible use of natural resources through responsible sourcing, recycling, and use of recycled fiber in our paper-based packaging. Sonoco's mills throughout Europe, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, China, and Mexico (Atizapan), are certified to one or more fiber certification programs. These are: the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), Sustainable Forest Initiative® (SFI®) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification® (PEFC®) Chain of Custody and Due Diligence System Standards.


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