Customized, Engineered Corestock Grades

We take a holistic look at spiral tube construction and core making processes, working with our customers to develop customized solutions and recommend improvements and modifications to ensure maximum performance.

What We Offer

• Optimized spiral winding tube performance.
• Large product portfolio tailored to 1-, 2- and multi-ply applications.
• Customized paper grades continually developed and improved.
• Sonoco’s Spiral Simulation Line allows us to simulate your machines, so you don’t have to take downtime to trial new corestock.
  • Equipment Selection, Installation & Optimization

    • Decades of testing and innovation
    • Holistic and strategic approach to machinery decisions
    • Evaluation of current processes to recommend improvements for maximum performance
    • Expert installation support

  • Training & Troubleshooting

    • Core machine operator training in-facility
    • Core-making troubleshooting guide assists with challenges ranging from sheet breaks on the core winder to core crush at the log saw
    • Troubleshooting assistance is always available

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Customer Service

Our customer service team, based in Hartsville, S.C., will help you place your order and will work with our manufacturing and logistics teams to ensure delivery when and where you need it.

We have 4 manufacturing mills distributed throughout North America to supply high-quality products in a timely manner.

  • We are available to evaluate our customers’ existing processes and recommend improvements.
  • We provide expert support for new core machine installations, assisting with setup and core paper selection.
  • We offer core machine operator training at your facility using your equipment.
  • We provide a troubleshooting guide including 1-ply core winding techniques and assistance with challenges like sheet breaks and core crush.

1-Ply Cores: Cut costs without sacrificing performance.

Sonoco’s 1-ply corestock for tissue and towel cores was created to save our customers money while maintaining a high performance level – which is why half our customers have made the switch.

Cores made with Sonoco 1-ply corestock contain less fiber than 2-ply cores, but deliver on performance. Customers have found it strong enough to work on all types of tissue and towel converting equipment, including surface-winding converters and high-speed winding converters.

We estimate that our customers transitioning to 1-ply corestock save 10-20% on paper usage and approximately 80% on adhesive usage. It also reduces splice waste and start-up scrap. And, of course, less raw material usage means reduced shipping costs.

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