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High-performance packaging for sophisticated products

Sonoco’s flexible packaging offers many benefits, including:

  • Optimized performance – high-performance packaging for sophisticated products in demanding production environments.
  • Functional innovation – pioneering innovations in flexible packaging that make each package both functional and desirable.
  • Retail impact – award-winning graphics and design that can maximize that window of opportunity for shoppers’ attention.
  • Flexible integration – with our 360 Customized Solutions approach, we bring more to packaging than just the package.

Learn how Sonoco’s flexible packaging can build your brand.

Learn about our new Cross-Seal technology benefiting the coffee market

Easy Open/Re-Close

Packaging that instills freshness while preserving package integrity, stands out on store shelves and prompts repeat purchases. Learn More


Featuring unique open/re-close features, including notched tear strip, press-to-close zippers, slider zipper and laser scoring. Learn More

Stick Packs

Our stick packs are optimized for easy opening and dispensing, while maintaining the highest standards of product protection. Learn More