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Easy Open/Re-Close

Reinventing Fresh.

Packaging that helps preserve freshness, stays mobile and avoids spilling stands out on store shelves and prompts repeat purchases.

Now more than ever, consumers want packages that are easy to open and close quickly and securely.

Sonoco helps you achieve a wide variety of brand strategies through our easy-open/re-close packaging solutions, including SealTab® re-close technology and SmartSeal® easy-open and re-close systems.

SealTab® re-close technology

The patented SealTab closure has a built-in, pressure-sensitive, pull-down tab for re-close applications. Learn more about SealTab closures

SmartSeal® easy open and re-close systems

Sonoco's SmartSeal technology uses a patented precision-scored easy open and re-close feature. It offers features such as:

  • Tamper evidence
  • High impact rotogravure print
  • Built-in precision scored label and opening
  • Built-in pressure sensitive adhesive and deadened pull tab
  • Controlled peel and reseal
  • Food-grade adhesive
  • High barrier structures available