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Strike Gold.

Gain increased shelf appeal through our cost-effective MIRRORINK® Process

Sonoco's MIRRORINK® Process is liquid gold for customers who want distinctive shelf appeal with metallic decorations while maintaining cost savings in a highly competitive market.


Brand owners require packaging that resonates with shoppers’ senses, causing them to choose a product over the hundreds of others on the shelf. The de-metallization process traditionally used to achieve metallic finishes provides a premium look, but is time consuming and costly.

By properly aligning metallic pigments made from real metal flakes, the proprietary MIRRORINK Process creates a distinctive, mirror-like look without using the costly de-metallization process. The MIRRORINK process consumes less water and energy and improves the overall supply chain.

This eye-catching ink alternative to de-metallization is the result of a partnership formed between Sonoco, a vertically-integrated global manufacturer of consumer and industrial packaging and provider of printed innovative high-barrier, high-performance flexible packaging; and an innovative global manufacturer of metallic pigments.

Working with Trident, Sonoco’s global artwork brand management and tooling business, to identify the correct adhesive to prevent degradation of the pigment on the substrate, Sonoco was able to produce a mirror-like metallic appearance with MIRRORINKs, which come in silver and varying hues of gold.

“I’ve been in the packaging business for 25 years and this is the first time I have seen this kind of a mirror finish off a printing process,” said Scott Huffer, senior research and development associate at Sonoco, who worked to develop the MIRRORINK Process.

By optimizing existing technology and utilizing in-line equipment, Sonoco’s MIRRORINK Process offers a sustainable, cost-saving and innovative process that provides a clear value to customers through the chain of supply and converting process, all the way to placing the brand on the shelves, while recognizing the importance of package decoration and sustainability. Specifically for the flexible packaging film laminations sector of the industry, this one-of-a-kind technology is liquid gold.