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Keep customers flexible while on the go

Your customers are moving fast – and they need food options that can move with them. Whether it’s a quick burst of energy mid-run during marathon training, or a convenient way to make sure their children eat healthy at daycare or on the go, consumers are increasingly turning to pouches for an option that’s portable, safe and convenient. 

When speed to market is key, launch your products quickly and efficiently with Sonoco’s network of channel partners in materials, filling, co-packing and finishing. 

Why pouches?

Flexible, portable, safe and modern, spouted pouches offer many options perfect for busy consumers:

  • Improved user experience, anti-choking
  • Hygienic: cap-protected spout
  • Easy-to-use for all ages
  • Shelf-life: oxygen and light barrier protects your product longer
  • On-the-go 
  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Easy to carry, store and dispose
  • Unique shelf appeal

Why Sonoco?

With our experience producing high performance laminations for a variety of demanding pouch applications, Sonoco can help you bring your product to market quickly and efficiently.

  • We know your market
  • We understand your needs
  • We can meet product demands 

Types of pouches

Sonoco offers several types of pouches. Some of our most popular are:
  • Spouted pouches - Combining high-performance lamination expertise with supply-chain management to deliver an elegant, highly functional design
  • Stand-up pouches – Available with or without reclosable feature in mono or multi-layer laminations for a variety of markets and a variety of sealant webs
  • Side gusset pouches – Multiple film lamination structures including PET, PE and high-barrier film combinations 
  • Specialty cube-shaped pouches 

Looking for spouted pouches?

Sonoco offers spouted pouches perfectly suited to a variety of uses and markets. Learn more about our spouted pouch offerings.

Read more about: Daisy Sour Cream

Market leader Daisy Sour Cream wanted an innovative packaging solution that reflected how consumers love to use their product – as both a topping, and an ingredient. Learn more about the award-winning solution that Sonoco developed collaboratively - revolutionizing the dairy aisle. 

Read the case study (PDF)

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Suitable for Processing:

  • Hot Fill     
  • Retort      
  • Aseptic
  • Fitment  & Non-Fitmented options
  • Pre-made and FFS


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