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Graphics Management

Building brand equity with global consistency.

Sonoco understands how much you have invested in your brands.  We maintain control of your valuable brand identities and ensure packaging application accuracy across packaging types and country markets.

Nothing is more important than maintaining control of your valuable brand identities.

We offer a global brand management solution for all packaging types across all country markets. When you place your trust in us, you can be sure your brands will shine with crisp color and consistency, no matter where they travel around the world.

Why should you trust Sonoco Graphics Management with your brand identities?

Some of the companies behind the world’s best-known consumer goods brands already do. Our offering features a combination of capabilities that depend on technology investment, continual measurement against key performance indicators, superior manufacturing methods and an enduring commitment to advancing automation.

Our Core Activities

Artwork Production and Pre-Media

We are dedicated to turning your visuals into accurate, printable artworks. We integrate artwork and reprographics, making your process faster, more accurate, simpler and more efficient.

One Global Workflow Management Tool

Unlike competitors whose international facilities operate autonomously, our graphics management sites share the same unique brand management workflow tool, designed specifically to maximize your ultimate goal: packaging consistency. ZEN is our highly automated, proprietary management information system that provides artwork briefing, production and brand management workflow processes. Our proprietary workflow tool breaks through the confines of traditional systems, bringing a full complement of Sonoco and client artwork production roles and responsibilities into one shared, comprehensive, intelligent and fully integrated platform.

Such exacting workflow management helps to facilitate major process improvements and delivers cost savings for our clients. It also allows us to be much more responsive to customers, often working within a production schedule of only 24 hours.

Integrated Pre-Press

Our fully integrated and individually tailored graphics management solutions support your brands all the way from concept design through delivery of tooling and management of printers.

Technology and Automation

We link each of our client’s management information systems through the automated creation of artwork and color separation.

Design Adaptation and Consultancy

We have the ability to take a brief from concept to artwork or simply add creative additions to an existing range. Our experienced print specialists know everything there is to know about packaging design and its relationship to printing processes. We will assess your design from both a cost and technical perspective, advising you about what works and what doesn’t, then recommend the design compatible with your specified print process and substrate.

Quality Systems

Quality control is woven into all our working practices, processes and systems. Every single job undergoes quality control checks at specific stages of the production process, before it is allowed to continue to the next stage. Our artwork management and quality systems are integrated into ZEN. Referred to as our SmArt Technologies, they include:

  • SmArt Copy - Automates the flow of copy directly onto print-ready final artwork templates
  • SmArt Artwork - Automates scripts, ensuring brand consistency, speed and reduction of errors
  • SmArt Check - Coded to customer requirements, our SmArt Check process reviews artwork files against stored data, reducing errors and reloops
Print and Color Management

Maintaining tight control of brand identity through consistent and accurate presentation of color, layout and graphics drives every aspect of our work. Our printer management service offers a cost-effective and time-saving solution to optimize print quality and consistency on a global platform.

Printer Control

Our print specialists work with more than 1,000 printers around the globe to ensure a smooth, trouble-free transition from artwork and reproduction to your finished, printed package. Our focused relationships with printers ensure the delivery of packages that fully meet your expectations and support your commitment to brand identity.

Printed Samples

We understand that developing new ideas or products is a complex process driven by intense pressure to evolve from concept to marketplace as quickly as possible. Our digital print department is completely focused on working to help you achieve your objectives efficiently. Our high-quality packaging samples can be used to support your integrated communication mix or simply to make spectacular presentations.

3-D Imaging

Our state-of-the-art 3-D capabilities demonstrate our extensive experience in managing a variety of 3-D requirements across all major consumer and industrial product categories. Among other skills, we can produce photographic quality images at high resolution, and create Interactive PDFs that allow you to rotate product on your screen. We can even produce animated movies to give your product maximum impact.


Our empowered workforce and world-class manufacturing facilities combine to deliver high-quality flexographic and rotogravure tooling to many of North America’s leading consumer packaging and print customers. We have delivered many firsts to our North American customers, from the introduction of fully automated manufacturing techniques and direct laser engraving for rotogravure customers, to our fully digital flexo plate-making facilities. We pride ourselves on our never-say-never pioneering spirit and our supply chain approach to service.