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Metal Ends and Closures

Convenience packaging.

Delighted customers. Increased sales. All delivered from one company – Sonoco.

Make your product stand out on the shelf by selecting an end or closure from Sonoco’s comprehensive selection of EZOs. You can select the right cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for your product from our full range of steel, aluminum and peelable membrane opening systems for metal, rigid paper and plastic packaging. Our experts have a portfolio of sizes, shapes and styles to meet your needs.

To better serve you, we continuously improve our development and testing capabilities while maintaining a global distribution network supported by four manufacturing sites in the United States. Contact our technical experts today to discover which convenience closure is right for your product and customers.

Sonoco is proud to meet the needs of consumers as we offer a variety of non-BPA (BPA-NIA) options in this product line.

Markets Served
Canned pasta Cleanser
Coffee Dairy
Dough Fruit and vegetables
Grease  Infants & Toddlers
Juices Neutraceuticals
Pet Food Sauces
Seafood Soup

Aluminum Ends

Designed for use with metal, rigid paper or plastic containers. Learn More

Steel Ends

Increase your sales by converting from sanitary ends to customer-friendly convenience closures. Learn More

Peelable Membrane

Convert to a Sonoco peelable membrane closure with no sharp edges and a low opening force. Learn More