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Peelable Membrane Closures

Sonoco membrane ends offer an easy-to-peel, flexible alternative to the sharp metal end.

Lose the can opener! Your customers will only need a thumb and forefinger to open your product after you convert to a Sonoco peelable membrane closure.

Our membrane closures offer a variety of looks and textures, as well as a low opening force and safer opening compared to metal ends. With our family of waffle-print ends, smooth aluminum Ultraseal® ends, and valved ends, Sonoco's membrane portfolio is sure to have the solution you need to smooth your customers' experience.

Ultraseal® Membrane Ends

Finger cuts from opening a can are a thing of the past with Sonoco’s Ultraseal membrane ends. Lightweight and peelable, your customers will appreciate Ultraseal’s easy, one-piece opening. Ultraseal ends can also be double seamed on existing equipment with minor modifications, and can be printed for increased brand awareness. 

Specifically designed for the coffee market, our valved Ultraseal membrane enables you to de-gas your coffee directly into the can, and is suitable for flushing, vacuum or pressure processes.

Choose from several diameters:

  • 401/99mm
  • 401/99mm valved
  • 502/127mm
  • 603/153mm
  • 603/153mm valved

Sealed-Safe® Membrane Ends

Designed specifically for dry products, the Sealed-Safe membrane creates a hermetic seal that protects your product’s quality and freshness by keeping out oxygen, moisture and aroma. Sealed Safe ends can be double seamed on existing equipment with minor modifications.

In addition to our classic O-shape (Sealed-Safe), we offer a D-shape (LevelRite®) on select diameters, so your customers can benefit from a functional leveling shelf to accurately dose their powdered beverage or snack. We also offer customization: choose from a glued/tack-down tab, ring-pull tab or recessed tab, and add printing and embossing to showcase your brand.

Choose from 8 diameters:

  • 211/65mm
  • 211 LevelRite/65mm
  • 307/83mm
  • 401/99mm
  • 401 LevelRite/99mm
  • 502/127mm
  • 502 LevelRite/127mm
  • 603/153mm

Want to learn more about our peelable ends? Download our brochure.

NEW! SoftPeel™ membrane ends

Designed to be our safest closure yet, the SoftPeel membrane combines our popular waffle-print texture with an easy-to-peel, commercially proven solution for cut-finger protection. It has a lower opening force than any other Sonoco membrane. 

The SoftPeel membrane's paper and foil laminated structure not only protects consumers' fingers, but also offers brands an additional space to decorate with color printing and embossing.

Get more info (PDF)

Available in 2 diameters:

  • 401/99mm
  • 502/127mm